Top 10 Helpful Websites about OKRs

Top 10 Helpful Websites about OKRs

What are OKRs?

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are goal-setting methodologies that are crucial for businesses to achieve their objectives in a timely manner. This framework helps ensure that the entire workforce is involved in achieving a common goal and thereby improves employee engagement and alignment with the larger business goals.

Since this methodology is both straightforward and practical, it is useful for both startups and large corporations to execute their strategies with focus and coherence. There are three key elements for any OKR: Objectives, Key Results, and Initiatives.

  • Objectives refer to the goals set by an organisation or individual that they plan to achieve. These are time-bound and motivating enough for everyone to put in equal effort to attain the goals.
  • Key Results are the specific and quantifiable steps that define the progress toward that objective within a specified timeframe. It offers specific, clear and objective ways to track progress.
  • Initiatives refer to the tasks that a team or individual must perform to achieve a target. A good metaphor would be to compare the initiative as the means of transport within which the objective is the destination, and the key result is the distance one must cover.

How to Learn More about the OKR Framework?

There is a wealth of information available online about the OKR framework. Ranging from OKR software to OKR training courses, advancements in technology have provided easy access to learn more about the tool.

Some of the best websites where users can access this knowledge are listed below. With an easy User Interface (UI), smooth drop-down options, blogs, FAQs, and more, these websites are a one-stop guide to engaging with the OKR methodology so that you can implement it in your businesses.

1. What Matters

Image of a website that talks about OKRs and their definition and examples.

Inspired by the popular OKR guidebook Measure What Matters by John Doerr, this website is a great source for learning everything you need to know about OKRs.

Their motto states that “Our mission is to galvanize leaders to set and achieve audacious goals—through inspiration, education, and application.” Through this website, a wide range of resources on topics such as OKRs and CFRs; the Benefits of OKRs; The First Steps of Implementing OKRs in Nonprofits; Grading OKRs, and so on are available.

By clicking on the ‘OKRs 101’ dropdown section, one case access A-Z information about the tool. It is divided into subsections with numerous articles and blogs for reference. There are also real-life success stories to inspire and teach the readers about how and why the OKR methodology is helpful in tackling systemic challenges.

2. OKRs Training

an image of a website about the OKR framework

As a successful OKR coaching, consulting, and training service, this website offers a wide range of information about the “revolution in strategy execution” called OKRs. They provide free OKR resources and access to free blogs and OKR books like The ABCs of OKRs, OKRs for Dummies, and more.

One can also learn about OKRs by accessing services like OKR consulting, OKR certification and even remote/online OKRs coaching. Experiences OKR coaches will guide the users through every step of the framework to achieve success. Readers can use the resources provided here to outline measurable key results, align their enterprise towards a common strategic direction, hold mid-quarter and quarterly reviews and overall craft their OKR muscle.

3. Auxin OKR

Want to read more about OKRs?

This website is a one-stop guide for anyone learning more about the OKR framework. There are many dropdown sections, such as “Re-ignite your OKRs,” and “Insights” to learn more about the tool. There are also real-life stories about OKR’s success to learn how to use the methodology from realistic examples.

They also provide an “AOKR” podcast to gain more actionable insights about the framework, where they talk to experts and practitioners from around the world.

4. OKRs At The Center

an image of a website about the OKR framework

Apart from live OKR coaching, mentorship, OKR training, and workshops, this website also has free resources about OKRs. Under the “Resources” dropdown section, there are many insightful blogs about OKRs in a nutshell and ways to improve OKR check-ins. There is also a Resource Hub and Bi-weekly Inspiration section to inspire and introduce those new to the framework.

The website provides the foundation of OKRs through self-study courses as well. A detailed and well-framed OKR concept diagram shows step-by-step why and how this tool will transform how we define and work with goals to enhance company values, focus and alignment.

5. There Be Giants

an image of a website about OKRs

This website welcomes its users with an attractive, smooth and interactive webpage wherein people can access a wide range of resources like blogs about OKRs, Values, Performance Management, Culture, etc. They also have a podcast service where they explore the OKR tool with some business professionals.

Under the ‘Client Stories’ section, numerous real-life stories of success are achieved through the OKR framework. They also provide downloadable tools such as the ‘OKR Coach Handbook,’ ‘OKR Guides.’ ‘ OKR Health Check,’ ‘OKR Toolkit,’ and more.

6. OKR Academy

an image of a website about OKRs

This attractive, well-designed website has numerous advantages. It acts as a foundational website for OKRs by providing various resources in the form of blogs. One can learn about ‘The Ideal Agenda for OKR Meetings,’ ‘OKRs in Matrix Organizations,’ ‘OKRs and KPIs,’ and so on.

Going by the brand name, ‘Murakamy,’ this website also discusses the OKR model at length, describing it as the “agile management method.” The OKR FAQs section clarifies any classic doubts that might arise when learning about this tool.

7. The OKRs Blog

an image of a website about Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

This website by the famous author of The OKRs Field Book, Ben Lamorte, is built to extensively educate its user about the OKR framework. Written by Lamorte himself, the blogs explain topics such as “Defining an OKR for Organization Health,” “4 Tips on How to Make OKRs Coaching More Successful,” “5 Mantras for the OKRs Coach,” and so on.

The OKRs Video Library also provides additional information where Lamorte talks about the framework in depth. Additionally, there are services such as ‘2-cycle remote coaching’ and ‘coach networking’ to train those who wish to coach and understand the OKR tool. There are also success stories from clients who have used and flourished their businesses with this tool.

8. 10X OKR

an image of a website about OKRs

This website is a one-stop guide to all your OKR needs. Users can access a wide range of OKR-related blogs about OKR podcasts, BHAG, how to set team goals, examples of OKRs, and more.

By perusing the website and reaching out to the experts associated, one can understand how OKRs can help drive a business to greater heights through the easy process of goal setting. OKR management solution is simple and effective; this website discusses this tool in detail.

9. Asia PMO

an image of a website about the OKR framework

This website helps users navigate the OKR framework by providing extensive information through blogs under the OKR and Project Management drop-down section. Industry expert Carsten Ley wrote 2-8 min reads on important topics such as OKRs in Vietnam, agile management, OKR+A, etc.

This easy-to-navigate comes in handy when quickly referring to themes related to the OKR tool.

10. OKR Studio

an image of a website about the OKR tool

OKR Studio is a website that expansively discusses the OKR framework. One can access various OKR-related resources such as OKR Templates, OKR Case Studies, OKR Blogs, OKR Builder, OKR AI assistant and more. They have integrations with HR software like Trello and thus provide well-researched information about the OKR tool.

Users can visit many reliable websites to learn about the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework. It is important to understand this goal-setting process for personal and business reasons.

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