10 Best OKR Software: Efficient Tools for Goal Management

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10 Best OKR Software: Efficient Tools for Goal Management

OKR tools are designed to help develop strategies and objectives for an organisation to establish a connection with its team. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the various features available in different OKR software based on their needs.

What is OKR?

OKR stands for “Objectives and Key Results.” It is a goal-setting framework that helps individuals and organizations define clear objectives and track their progress toward achieving those objectives through measurable key results.

OKR management software can be used to outline the initial strategy— it comes in handy right from the initial process of goal-setting and is used thereafter to track the progress for the objectives involved.

Thus, OKR software act as an online goal tracker. Companies have successfully implemented them to align their employees with the larger vision and business goals to achieve success.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of the 10 best OKR software and looked at their key functions and features.

List of Best OKR Software

Here are the 10 popular and best OKR software tools that can help you manage and track your goals effectively


Asana is a task management app built for cross-functional work. In this platform, users can set team goals which can be achieved through its project planning features.

It’s highly user-friendly and easy to manage. Teams can collaborate to work on delivering their tasks more quickly. It facilitates a connection between top goals and daily operations so that they go hand-in-hand.

Asana helps build project plans together and finish them within the set deadline. It is suitable for marketing, operations, leadership, project and campaign management and various other arenas wherein users can build and scale their projects. With access to Asana, time and project management, work collaboration and improving clarity becomes easier.

The homepage of one of the best OKR software tools - Asana

Key Features of Asana

  • Workflow Builder: This newly added feature allows for automated processes to help teams coordinate smoothly
  • Desktop and Mobile-Friendly- Users can sync their devices for faster and smoother access across all electronic devices
  • Calendar: Teams can have one shared calendar to track their progress
  • Monitoring OKR: With this software, users can monitor their team’s OKR progress in real-time with portfolios
  • Automation: With its automation features, accuracy and speed of workflow increase since routine and repetitive tasks are automated.


Lattice is a people success platform that helps with employee engagement and performance management. It helps to set transparent OKRs that are accessible by employees to drive productivity and growth along with the bigger objectives of the company.

It fosters a high-performing culture and has over 4500+ satisfied users who have reviewed it positively for its clean, non-cluttering performance management features. It also connects career development to productivity and ensures that employee success is celebrated and reviewed from time to time.

It helps a wide range of industries such as life sciences, technology, fintech, banks, and so on. It also has a newsletter and regular podcast services where industry experts come together to share why people are the most crucial part of any company.

homepage screenshot of one of the best OKR software - Lattice.

Key Features of Lattice

  • Inclusivity: The people behind Lattice come together to form diverse and inclusive members of the platform. It encourages similar cultures across its features, processes and strategies.
  • Helps Set OKRs and Goals: Lattice encourages team alignment with overall business objectives which drives growth.
  • Provides Analytics: Its advanced people analytics features help draw insights to make data-driven decisions easier.
  • Easy Compensation: High performers and employees who boost productivity are easily recognised and rewarded through this platform.


Profit.co is a widely popular, user-friendly platform allows for easy assessment of performance, goal-setting and goal prioritizing and consequently achieves better outcomes. This highly customisable OKR management software helps execute strategies using an OKR-centric approach.

With this tool, users can have access to OKR guides and templates and take strategic initiatives ranging between 1-5 years. These can be implemented on a quarterly basis using OKRs. Moreover, it allows for a highly structured reflection process since its key motto for success relies on planned and careful execution.

The homepage of one of the best OKR software tools - Profit.co

Key Features

  • Multiple Features for Management: This all-inclusive OKR tool allows for performance management, OKR management, employee management, and task management.
  • Alignment Dashboard: The entire company can get a view of the company’s vision and goals.
  • Customised Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): There are over 400 inbuilt and custom KPIs


Wrike is an OKR software that helps to streamline and simplify workflows where teams and project managers have visibility over individual goals. It helps with project management, work organisation, and execution of projects. It also smoothens collaboration across all departments within a company.

Wrike assures 360° visibility with inter-departmental association with powerfully automated features. This work management solution allows for integration with Slack, Salesforce, Teams, Adobe and so on for more efficient project management.

a homepage screenshot of one of the best OKR software tools - Wrike

Key Features

  • Customisable Dashboard: This allows for tracking multiple projects and their progress
  • Multilingual: The platform’s website can be accessed in more than 10 languages such as Portuguese, Dutch, Korean, Chinese, French, Malay and so on.
  • Built-In Time Tracker: This feature allows you to track projects in real time and measure their efficacy and speed of execution.
  • Two-Week Trial: Users can sign up for a two-week trial period to test the platform.


Weekdone is an OKR platform aimed to help manage business goals, increase performance, and boost employee engagement and morale. It can help align people and objectives to increase company revenue and performance.

It allows users to set quarterly goals, plan out their week, share their progress with their team, and provide regular reports and feedback to measure progress. It is easy to get started with Weekdone as one simply needs to begin by creating an account using their email.

Homepage screenshot of one of the best OKR Software tools - Weekdone

Key Features

  • Simple To Use: It allows for easy goal tracking and sharing access across the team
  • Quick Sidebar Access: This user-friendly software allows for easy access to any department, team, or person.
  • Provides Weekly Check-In Option: It allows to quickly track weekly activities to form more visible and interconnected teams


Monday.com has a flexible Operating System that allows for a wide variety of operations such as Creation and Design, Marketing, Software Development, Task Management, Sales and CRM, and so on. It boosts workflow and allows for easy progress tracking.

Monday.com’s customised data dashboards have in-built visualisation tools and over 200+ templates along with an OKR template. Its work management feature helps manage client projects, workload management, goals and OKRs, and more.

the homepage screenshot of one of the best OKR software tools - monday.com

Key Features

  • Accessible According to Team Types or Company Size: It can be used according to the team type like marketing, PMO, sales, or HR. It can also be used by different company sizes based on whether they are an enterprise or Nonprofit, etc.
  • Easy Integration: It can integrate with different applications and productivity tools like Asana, Basecamp, DocuSign, Microsoft Teams, etc.
  • Allows for Flexibility: It has in-built flexible tracking tools, customisations, and automation, and requires no coding knowledge for organising and team building.

#7. HIVE

Hive is a project management tool for hybrid work that acts as a collaboration tool enabling Objectives and Key Results (OKR) tracking. It helps to gather all tasks, projects, deadlines, notes, work requests and consents and more into one single source.

As a comprehensive project management platform, Hive’s OKR platform allows for real-time progress tracking, project management, automated updates and reminders and AI assistance.
It also links OKRs to specific projects and tasks.

Homepage of one of the best OKR software, Hive.

Key Features

  • Flexibility: It allows for remote, hybrid, or in-office work to use its tools to connect with teams from anywhere
  • Hive Notes: This feature has a collaborative document that can be accessed and edited by teammates in real time or before and after meetings.
  • Better Visibility Across Teams: Hive allows teams to connect and align through its team scheduler where members can have visibility over project tracking and view the workspace dashboard easily.


Synergita as a performance management and employee engagement software, Synergita is an OKR platform that helps align employees with team objectives. Their progress and achievements can be easily tracked using this.

It aims to promote a growth-driven culture wherein regular reviews, promotions for good work, training and more will drive employee morale and boost their productivity. It is thus an official channel to engage with employees and communicate with them efficiently.

the homepage of one of the best OKR Software tools, Synergita.

Key Features

  • 360-degree Rating Mechanism: Feedback can be received from oneself, customers, peers, and managers. This will ensure unanimous growth.
  • Focus on Employee-First Culture: With 1:1 meetings and measures to motivate and engage with employees, this software allows users to learn about their employee’s attitudes towards projects on a deeper level.
  • Emotional Analysis using AI: The automation on this platform allows for detecting the tonal sentiments of employees and managers’ feedback to understand constructive criticism and recommendations better.


Hirebook is a people and performance management software which has innovative ways to help remote teams formulate solutions for any OKRs they have set. Its survey features allow employees to give feedback to their company through surveys like ENPS, Recognition, etc.

Hirebook also has extensive organisational charts, and ongoing check-in features and is regularly used for quantifying employee engagement.

the homepage of the best OKR software, Hirebook.

Key Features

  • OKR strategy: Its OKR strategy allows one to critically assess work progress and receive insights
  • 1:1 Meetings: Recurring one-on-one meetings to discuss agendas, goals, progress and feedback can be set through Hirebook.
  • Integrations: It allows for integration with many HR tools such as Slack, Okta, and Google Calendar for better transparency and workflow.

#10. 15Five

15Five is a simple and effective performance management software boosts business results. It helps to align larger, company-wide OKRs to simpler individual-based ones. It is best known for its High Five feature and 1:1 meeting setup.

With 15Five, users can upgrade their HR strategies and develop teams that comprise individuals aligned with company success. Its reporting insights also permit quick review of areas that need rectifications or improvement.

the homepage of the best OKR software tools - 15five.
This simple and effective performance management software boosts business results. It helps to align larger, company-wide OKRs to simpler individual-based ones. It is best known for its High Five feature and 1:1 meeting setup.

Key Features

  • Manager Training Feature: efficient and effective managers are essential for an organisation. This software has customisable manager training features.
  • Weekly Check-Ins: Continuous performance management and feedback management can be maintained through this feature.
  • Easy and Convenient: Its user-friendly system allows for access to management tools that can be understood within minutes.

With the help of OKR software, the process of setting goals and tracking progress becomes much easier. They save time, and human effort and align the overall business goals with the team and individuals. Their User Interface also helps with easy access and quick adaptation. Thus, companies must use OKR software to outline, measure, and track their progress regularly.


Which app is Google using for OKRs?

For creating, monitoring, and maintaining their OKRs, Google uses “gPlans”. This programme is a part of the internal productivity package by Google, including Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

What are OKRs for Microsoft?

Microsoft sets, tracks, and manages its goals using OKRs. They define their OKRs as a “goal-setting methodology that aligns everyone in the organisation around common objectives and key results.” However, Microsoft has yet to open its exact OKR management software to the public.

How can I utilise OKR software?

A single platform for teams to work on OKRs, track their progress, and see how their goals are doing is one of the advantages of OKR software.

Are companies still using OKRs?

Yes, OKRs continue to be widely used and valued in today’s business landscape. Despite the ever-evolving nature of the corporate world, OKRs remain a powerful framework for goal-setting and performance management.

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